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I’m Katie.  Wife. Mum. Copywriter. Former HR consultant and practitioner.  

Let’s be honest, working in HR is tough.  It’s rewarding and exhausting in equal measure. One minute you’re delivering HR greatness, the next your calming the chaos of company politics.  You love it, but by the weekend you’re knackered.  Deep down, you know you should update your website or write an interesting newsletter, but Netflix is calling.  And you need to switch off.

Katie Murray

Up to now, an ad hoc approach to content’s been fine. And client referrals have served you well. But now you want to grow.  You need a bigger audience and direct sales. So it’s going to take more: more structure, more content, more time!

You need a website and social media profiles that clients will buy from. Then there’s themes and research for posts and blogs. And that’s before you’ve got to the writing.  Even a ‘quick’ LinkedIn post seems to take hours.  And as for making it sound like you? Well, let’s just say that’s a challenge.

Maybe it’s the years of drafting policies and handbooks. But nothing you write seems to fill you with excitement.

You want your personality to shine through

But it’s hard to achieve. And you’re reluctant to really be yourself. It feels awkward somehow, and it’s making you sound boring. 

As someone who understands your world, I can get your personality on the page. And write content your clients will love without you losing hours trying to create it.

When I was an HR consultant, the priority was delivering paid client projects.  I wanted to write, but my website sat dormant. Social media posts took a backseat and blogs were non-existent. Then I realised something.  Unlike you, I’d fallen out of love for delivering HR. 

I still love the industry, but my passion lies in communication.  So I’ve combined my 17 years’ HR experience and my love of language to provide copywriting services for HR consultants.  Creating websites, emails, blogs and social media posts that sound like you and connect with your clients.

So, if you dream of expanding your business, but lack the time and energy to make it happen, get in touch.  Together we can grow your audience and grow your business.

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