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About You

You’re a busy HR consultant. You’ve got great clients and great projects, and now, you’re ready to grow. So, you need a structured content plan – client-focused website, regular social media posts, great emails, insightful blogs. The trouble is, you lack time.

You know the importance of brilliant content. You just don’t have capacity to create it.

That’s why you need someone (who gets your world) to write it for you.

It’s simple:

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What You Need

When you started your business, you never dreamed it would grow like it has.  You built it from scratch, developed your clients and now you’ve reached a tipping point.  

Time to go BIG or go… exactly as you are now?  No question – you’re ready to grow!

Growing your business means working more hours though, doesn’t it? You’re already flat out delivering for your clients.  Come the weekend, you’re knackered and ready for Netflix.  There’s no way you can find energy to re-write your website or bash out blogs. But how will you grow without consistent content?  

That’s where Dolphin HR comes in. It’s a copywriting service specialising in writing for HR consultants.

With over 17 years’ experience in HR and a passion for communication, I understand the details of your world.  No lost time talking TUPE or Talent Management. I jump straight in, crafting compelling content your clients will read.  

My done-for-you writing services can be dragged and dropped into your pages.  So when clients land on your website, they’ll be drawn to click “buy now”. I help grow your audience, so you can grow your business.

Learn why copy is essential as you grow your HR business. Get weekly hints, tips and tools to help you improve your marketing.


Grab a cuppa. Take a read. You’ll find thoughts on writing, HR, and life with a toddler.

About Me


I’m Katie. Wife. Mum. Copywriter. Former HR consultant and practitioner.  

Working in HR is tough.  I get it.  It’s exhausting and rewarding in equal measure, but deep down you love it.  You’ve built a business based on it, and now you want it to grow.  Ad hoc referrals have served you well, but now it’s time to build your audience.  It’s time for great content so you can reach more people.

Technical hitch – content takes time and you don’t have any.  You’ve considered, and dismissed, outsourcing as an option, but HR’s too complex.

But…with over 15 years HR experience, you won’t waste time explaining concepts to me. I can just crack on with crafting your compelling content.  

The result? You can connect with your audience and still have time to focus on delivery.  

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Katie Murray


All our packages follow the same approach:

Book a Call

Agree Your Message

Create Your Content

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Learn why copy is essential as you grow your HR business.

Get weekly hints, tips and tools to help you improve your marketing.

Help me improve my marketing


Grab a cuppa. Take a seat. You’ll find thoughts on writing, HR, and life with a toddler.

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How Does It Work?

Book A Call

Understanding who you are and how you want to grow your business so your voice shines through in your content

Agree Your Message

Defining who you’re talking to and what you want to tell them so you can connect with your target clients

Create Your Content

Making it happen.  Providing you with that all-important content so you can grow your audience and grow your business

What Happens Next?

You want to grow your business, so you need new leads from a bigger audience.  And that means content.  Lots of content.  The thing you lack is time.  There aren’t enough hours to update your website copy, re-write your LinkedIn profile, write social media posts and deliver paid client projects.  Growing your business feels impossible.

Writing content doesn’t need to add to your workload.

At Dolphin HR, I understand the technicalities, so you won’t waste time explaining HR concepts.   Instead, I focus on getting to know your business and creating compelling copy that speaks to your clients. 

How do I help you?

  1. Book a call – understanding you and your business so your voice comes across
  2. Agree your message – defining your clients so it’s easier to connect with them
  3. Create your content – getting your message out to your audience helping you grow your business

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Here’s a space where I may be adding a video of myself introducing myself and why I’m the right person to help YOU get the results you want…

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It’s time to grow your audience and grow your business


Websites and One-offs

Keep clients engaged when they land on your website and get them calling you today.  Single pages or whole site re-writes. 


Prominent Profiles

Get a LinkedIn profile that connects with your ideal clients so they see the benefits you can bring them and want to connect with you.

Blogs & LinkedIn Posts

Build your audience through regular and consistent online activity.  Monthly packages available.

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